Infinite ∞ Ice
CNC Controller

    Infinite Ice CNC Controller

Stepper Version

  • Designed for an Infinite Xperience!
  • Easy upgrade kits (plug & play)
    • LSI Ice Bulldogs
    • Camtech routers
    • i-Sculpt
  • Gives you both a beautiful and precise cut at high and low speeds.
  • Built with parts you cannot kill or damage
  • Based on widely used parts and software
    • Gecko Stepper Cards
    • SmoothStepper Motion Processor
    • Mach3/4 Windows-based Control software
      • Over 10, 000 Users!
  • Infinite Ice inside view
  • Works with ArtCAM, Vectrics, and MANY other CAD/CAMs
  • Immune to interference and electrical noise
  • Ethernet (Network) Interface
    • SmoothStepper Ethernet Motion Processor
  • No need for legacy printer (LPT) ports
  • Can be run from a Laptop or Desktop PC (New or Old)
    • Windows 10/11 ready
    • Legacy systems XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Can automatically control any standard VFD/Inverter for your High-speed spindle
  • Modern Electronic Design
    • Custom circuit boards to reduce wiring
    • Minimal internal wiring and connectors (prevents loose connections and improves immunity to interference)
    • Modern light-weight switch mode power supplies provide large amounts of power without the need for a bulky and heavy transformer
    • Inputs and outputs are optically isolated to protect your PC and ensure smooth operation with no electrical interference


  • 120/220VAC 10Amps
  • 33 x 26 x 9cm (13 x 10 x 3.5in)
  • 2.3kg (4.9 lbs)
  • Compatible with all stepper motor CNC machines
  • Compatiable with Windows 10/11 (and older)
  • Ethernet Network interface
  • Mach3/4 Interface software (G-code)

Infinite Ice Rear viewInfinte Ice Inside 4

  • 1 Year Exchange Warranty!
    • If you have any issues with your Infinite ∞ controller we will replace it.
    • No repair fees - All you pay is shipping!
    • No waiting for your controller to be fixed
    • A new one will be shipped out to you!
    • No wasted down-time troubleshooting inside your controller
    • No special skills or electrician required
    • Easy to swap
      • Small and light case making shipping inexpensive, easy, and safe
      • Just unplug it, box it, ship it!
  • Extended Exchange Warranty!
    • After 1 year you will continue to get the same amazing exchange program.
    • No more down time!
    • Just unplug it, box it, ship it!
    • A replacement will be sent out
    • We will repair your old controller when it arrives back, and keep it in our inventory
    • You keep the replacement!
    • All you pay is shipping and repair costs (parts & labour)



Infinite ∞ Ice Pricing

Infinite Ice CNC Controller
3 Axis Stepper version $4995*



4 Axis Stepper version $5495*

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*All pricing is in USD, does not include shipping, a 4.7% surcharge will be applied for credit card payments.
*Warranty requires paying shipping both ways (return shipping and shipping of the replacement controller)
*To keep export/import fees low controllers are invoiced at $1999AUD. The balance is assembly labour and is invoiced seperatly.