Ice Bulldog Speed Upgrade Kit

Turn your old slow Bulldog into a racing Greyhound!

sick bulldog right arrow greyhound

Increase your production, with up to double the speed!

Not only do you increase the speed of your machine, you also INCREASE the life of your motors!


How it works:

Stepper motors can be run in two different modes: unipolar and bipolar.

This is like being able to shift gears in your car. To get the best speed and fuel efficiency you shift your transmission to the appropriate gear while you are driving.

Bulldogs are stuck in first gear - bipolar mode. In addition, the standard bulldog controller is also running too much current through your stepper motors, which shortens their life.

With a simple change to the motor and controller you can kick your machine into high-gear (unipolar mode), and also set the current to the correct value, so your motors will last longer!



  • Stepper motor mode: unipolar
  • Typical Top Speed before upgrade: 350 inches/min (8750mm/min)
  • Typical Top Speed after upgrade: 700 inches/min (17500mm/min)
  • Top Speeds based on 50 pounds of cutting force test load.


The Kit

The kit comes with everything you need to convert your bulldog.

Only a handful of parts are required for the conversion, and are all included. No special tools are needed.

The key is the step-by-step instructional video that takes you through the conversion.

The entire process only takes 1-3 hours to convert all three motors.

DashX is here to help too - should you have any questions or need any extra help making the switch to high-gear we will provide free support, to make sure the whole process is seamless.

The kit is compatible with all Ice Bulldogs with Stepper motors and an LSI controller. Contact us if you are unsure about your machine.



Speed Kit


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