SmoothStepper - Xtreme!

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The Fastest and Easiest way to connect your CNC to ANY PC!

SmoothStepper Xtreme

Ethernet to Triple Parallel Port (LPT) Adaptor

Many modern PCs no longer include a Parallel Port (also known as an LPT port, or Printer Port).

Standard Parallel Port adaptors (designed for use with printers) do NOT work with Mach3.

SmoothStepper is the solution for those who want to use Mach3 on a PC without a Printer Port.

Now you can use Mach3 to run your CNC machine from almost any PC – including a laptop!

Maple Leaf DashX is the authorized Canadian distributor of Warp9's SmoothStepper. We ship anywhere in Canada and Worldwide!

We also offer all the accessories you need to get up and running, with a new SmoothStepper, right out of the box!

Upgrading to a SmoothStepper from a parallel port is amazingly straight-forward:

  • Configure your Network/Ethernet Port
  • Install the Mach Plug-in
  • Plug in the Network (Cat5/6) cable
  • Plug your old printer-port cable into the SmoothStepper
  • Choose the settings that match your setup in Mach
  • Start Cutting!



  • 1 Ethernet Connection provides complete control of all ports
  • 3 Full Parallel Ports
  • Output/Input  Configurations:
    • Port 1: 12 Outputs and 5 Inputs
    • Port 2: 12 Outputs and 5 Inputs
      OR   4 Outputs and 13 Inputs
    • Port 3: 12 Outputs and 5 Inputs
      OR   4 Outputs and 13 Inputs
  • Full Spindle Control (PWM/Step-Dir)
  • Noise immunity is excellent and is recommended for noisy environments such as found in plasma systems. 
  • Dedicated hardware produces pulse streams up to 80 times faster, and with more precise timing than Mach3 using a legacy printer port
  • Windows XP, Vista, Win7 (32bit), and Win7 (64 bit) compatible
  • Download the Mach3 plugin
  • Setup Instructions for Ethernet SmoothStepper



The SmoothStepper Xtreme comes fully Assembled and

  • 1 Ethernet Cable (7ft/2m CAT-6)
  • 1 Male-Male Printer Port Cable
  • 1 5V Power Supply
  • 3 Printer Port Plugs
  • 1 Enclosure
  • 1 SmoothStepper Ethernet circuit board


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SmoothStepper Xtreme

5VDC Power SupplyDB25-M-M CableCat 5E Network Cable











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Part #


Price (USD)



CNC Motion Control Software
(1-6 Axis)

Save $10 when you bundle Mach3 with a Smoothstepper!


$165 - Bundle Only Price

5VDC Power Supply


5V DC Power Supply

*The Ethernet SmoothStepper requires an external power supply



CAT6 cable


Cat-6 Network Cable



Length - feet (m)



CAT-5e Shielded


Shielded Cat-5e Network Cable

with metal plugs and foil shielding to prevent electrical interference.


Length - feet (m)


DB25-M-M Cable


DB25 Male to Male Cable

(6 foot / 2m)



DB25-M-M Cable


DB25 Male to Female Cable

(6 foot / 2m)



DB25 Male-Male


DB25 Gender Changer

Male to Male



DB25 Male-Male


DB25 Gender Changer

Female to Female



Power Supply DX-SMPS600

Power Supply - Stepper/Servo

  • Special regenerative design for use with Stepper and Servo systems
  • Works great with all Gecko drives! (@63V)
  • Works great with all Granite VSD drives (@126V)
  • High efficiency
  • Switch-mode power supply
  • Short-circuit protected
  • Selectable input voltage range
  • 115/230VAC Input
  • Extremely small form factor
  • Low EMI
  • 600 Watt
  • 2x63 or 1x126 VDC - Dual Output
  • Multiple units can be placed in parallel for high current systems
  • Data sheet



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